The Global DFI Online Forum: Empowering Technology for Sustainable Development, 27th of January 2021

On 27th of January 2021, a jointly organize webinar with ADFIM and ADFIAP entitled “Global DFI Online Forum: Empowering Technology for Sustainable Development” was successfully held via Zoom application and broadcasted live on Youtube and Facebook. The invited panellists were Haji Amzad Bin Mohamed, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Malaysia, Dato’ Norhalim Yunus, CEO of Malaysia Technology Development Corporation, Mr. Mominul Islam, Managing Director and CEO, IPDC Finance Limited, Bangladesh and Mrs. Amna Al Mazroei, Manager of Customer Experience Department at Qatar Development Bank. 

The objectives of this program were to:

  1. Learn and share worldwide business practices and experiences during the pandemic.
  2. Learn and share outlook of the future post COVID-19 pandemic and how DFIs can ensure a sustainable growth.
  3. Provide a platform for ADFIM, ADFIAP and ADFIMI to work together.

The forum covered issues ranging from various topics on sustainability and technology such as the impact on technology supporting or hindering sustainable development caused by the pandemic, how DFIs will play critical roles in empowering technology to support SDGs and key programs and structures in place for a sustainable technological development.