Benefits for the Chief Executives:

The Chief Executive of a bank as a competent leader is responsible to lead the Bank into growth, profitability and social responsibility. By virtue of this membership you are directly in contact with your leadership responsibility.

ADFIMI brings the Chief Executives directly into the network of bankers among the Muslim Countries of the world, who are from Malaysia right across to Morocco, from Kazakhstan to Cameroon.

ADFIMI invites once every year the members of ADFIMI to its Annual General Meeting which is concurrently held with the Annual Meetings of the Islamic Development Bank Group to which Governors of Central Banks and Finance Ministers also attend. Each CEO has the opportunity to get into a one-to-one meeting with any organization and talk of collaboration for their banks.

The experience of the Annual Meeting enriches the bankers by creating contacts for strategic alliances and they come to know what’s going on in the world of banking in this international financial sector industry and global economy.

In the same context the close affiliation with WFDFI brings similar benefits to the CEOs at the World Bank Group (WBG) Annual Meetings. The environment at the WBG Annual Meeting is another galvanizing experience. Of course here is the get-together of the financial world market players. There is much to be gained from this expose.

In pursuant to good governance it is essential for the world community to recognize the good capability & honest leadership, available in the Muslim World. It is only because of honest and competent leadership, like yours, will the Muslim World be able to attract foreign direct investment and assistance for their economies. The CEOs will be able to set new benchmarks when they see what’s happening in the financial sector industry in the world. The CEO will be able to ask for cooperation from the friends that they make and the circle of influence will became international. Let’s keep the future in mind and be responsible and be respected as international bankers. Your partnerships will emerge from here.

ADFIMI also organizes annually one special training program for Presidents and CEO of Banks in other Muslim Countries.

Benefits for the Staff:

For the staff of the bank training programs for bankers are organized throughout the year. The staff gets to learn professional training along with bankers from different countries and the exposure to bankers from across the world is an enlightening experience.

For the members of ADFIMI, the training is free of registration cost. The membership fee is based upon the total assets of a bank.

ADFIMI is probably the only agency that organizes training program for its members free of registration cost; there are not many organizations on the international forum that do this.

This is the best investment possibility that is having your best staff trained for future responsibility. All competent leadership consider it wise to make this investment for the growth & future leadership and competent banking.

Benefits for the NDFIs:

Member NDFIs also benefit from being associated with ADFIMI partners, the other Regional Associations of Banks in the world, such as ADFIAP, ALIDE, AADFI, EDFI, and WFDFI.

There is a prestige and credibility attached to being a member of a Regional Association and ADFIMI provides such a prestige as it also councils and conducts training program for prudential banking. It believes in keeping pace with Basle Agreements and Regulations, which it disseminates to its members.

No NDFI can deny, in the contemporary context, the importance of networking. Membership of ADFIMI gives the best platform for networking to banks. This is where the banks of the entire world converge and meet to establish the outreach of their organization. A truly unique platform for NDFIs