ADFIMI’s message concerning COVID-19 Pandemic

ADFIMI’s message concerning COVID-19 Pandemic1

Distinguished Members,

As you know the COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time. Since its emergence late last year, the virus has spread to almost every continent of the world. Cases are rising daily around the globe, and Europe has taken over as the epicentre of the disease and more cases are now being reported every day around the world and the situation is not so different in Turkey.

Countries are racing to slow the spread of the disease by testing and treating patients, carrying out contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools. Dozens of the world’s greatest cities are deserted as people stay indoors, either by choice or by government order. Across the world, shops, theatres, restaurants and bars are closing.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Turkey also took strict measures from the beginning even when there was no single case. Since the emergence of the first COVID-19 case, Turkey took several measures to curb its spread and some of the measures are listed as follows:

  • Amid the outbreak, schools and universities are closed, and the education has been carried out through online education system.
  • A curfew has been implemented on people aged below 20 / aged above 65 and weekend curfew for the people living in 31 big cities in order to decrease the contact and spread of the virus.
  • No one is allowed to enter markets or ride public transport without using face masks.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars and other places of social gathering are closed until further notice.
  • All the hospitals are working in full capacity and private hospitals are converted into pandemic hospitals.
  • No one is allowed to go to parks and other places of unnecessary social gathering and if the rules are not followed, a fine will be in effect.
  • Unless it is very urgent or important, most institutions have implemented work-from-home.
  • Utility stores are still open with strict conditions (like a specific number of people can enter at a time) to ensure the supply of basic necessities.
  • Restaurants with home services are also allowed to operate.

ADFIMI Secretariat hopes that your respective countries have also taken such measures to stop the spread of the virus and hopes that by abiding all the rules and measures necessary, we will come out of this situation very soon.

In difficult times like these, ADFIMI Secretariat wishes all its members safety and a very good health and extends its moral support and hopes that we will soon get over this pandemic and return to our normal routines with much zeal and enthusiasm.

Best wishes,

ADFIMI Secretariat