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IRTI-ADFIMI Joint Seminar on “Risk Management in Islamic Banking”, El Mouradi Africa Hotel Tunis, Tunisia, 14-15 November 2017

IRTI-ADFIMI Joint Seminar on “Risk Management in Islamic Banking”, El Mouradi Africa Hotel Tunis, Tunisia, 14-15 November 2017


The IRTI-ADFIMI Seminar will provide an exclusive occasion in deliberations on present-day issues in Risk Management in Islamic Banking. It will also provide a platform for discussion on the cutting-edge processes related to evolving trends in market practices, practical supervisory issues.

Program Objective:

Seminar on Risk Management in Islamic Banking will concentrate on the management of a wide collection of risks in-built in Islamic banking industry. Target audience of the seminar will be able to gain perspective and practicalities of the various aspects of risk management in Islamic banks and the implications of surrounding regulatory and market developments in a speedily evolving environment. Participants will attain a value added assessment on risk governance from prudential perspective and business risk management from a market-player view. The recipients will also figure out the up-to-date changes in the management of peculiar characteristics of risks encountered by Islamic banks, including market risk, credit and liquidity risks, and legal and Shari’ah non-compliance risks.

The Program will suggest initiatives, approaches and means that Islamic banks could adopt to further enhance and develop techniques of Risk Management. Participants will also benefit from knowledge and experience sharing discussions of the emerging challenges of Risk Management.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Supervisory Executives and Regulators of IFIs.
  • Board Members of Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Senior Chief Executive Officers and Operating Officers of Islamic Banks
  • Members of Risk Management Committees in Islamic Banks
  • Academicians and Researchers
  • Members of Internal Control and Compliance Committees
  • Members of Shari’ah Board / Shari’ah Advisers

All details and general conditions are given in the attached Aide Memoire.

It is highly recommended to fill in the Application form electronically through ONLINE APPLICATION FORM

(Alternatively You can fill in and e-mail the APPLICATION FORM to

Date : 06 June 2017
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