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BI-ADFIMI – KNKS joint CEO seminar on “Islamic Structured Finance: Cases of Infrastructure Project Finance in IsDB Member Countries.” 12 November, 2019 Indonesia


Infrastructure is key to the proper functioning of an economy, promoting economic growth. “While the cumulative global investment requirements over the period of 2016-2040 is estimated to be USD 93.7 trillion, the global infrastructure investments will be around USD 78.8 trillion, and, with current trends of investment, that will leave a shortfall of investments of USD 14.9 trillion over the same period. Given the features of infrastructure projects, these are usually large and require huge investments. Although the sector has been traditionally financed by governments, large financing needs and gaps coupled with budget deficits and increasing public debt impose limits on governments in financing the sector. Since investments in the infrastructure sector will be an important factor in achieving the SDGs, in many OIC member countries, there is a need to seek funds from alternative sources including the private sector (such as public private partnership (PPP)) to fill financing gaps which has to include Shariah compliant assets that exceeded USD 2 trillion in 2017”.*

ADFIMI along with Komite Nasional Keuangan Syariah (KNKS) Indonesia and Bank of Indonesia (BI) will jointly organise the seminar. The seminar will be part of the Indonesia Syari’ah Economic Festival (ISEF) 2019, a six-day event jointly organized by BI and KNKS to take place on 12-17 November 2019. This seminar intends to discuss the present state of developments and financing methods and sources to achieve infrastructure development for the achievement of 2030 and Paris Agendas in IsDB member countries, with special reference to Islamic Finance.

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Date : 08 October 2019
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