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Computer Spreadsheet Analysis For Banking Operations



Girne, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
30 March-01 April 2009

I have the pleasure of inviting you to ADFIMI's subject matter seminar. The programme will be a 3 day event inclusive of a ½ day social programme.
The aim of the seminar is to impart to the participants the detailed step-by-step process of developing customized computer spreadsheet programs capturing all the real world intricacies and complexities prevalent in the business environment and thus, leading to impeccable financial decisions.

This seminar will be delivered through practical model-building case studies and working examples, demonstrating how and why each technique is used. It will also focus on how spreadsheet analyses are used and tailored during different stages of an investment such as evaluation, negotiation, construction, and operation periods.

Emphasis will be placed on participants gaining practical, hands-on experience of the design and construction of spreadsheet programs in MS Excel. After attending the seminar, the participants will learn to construct customized spreadsheet programs which will incorporate discounted cash flow analysis and is capable of sensitivity analysis. Besides, it will allow for easy and accelerated exploration of a financing proposal on a number of scenarios.

The seminar is designed for professionals involved in project development, financing and management. It is a must for all executives and analysts involved in financial planning, management, analysis, forecasting and budgeting. The seminar will be particularly useful for bankers, corporate managers, corporate advisers, private equity and venture capitalist, economist, government officials and policy makers.

The seminar involves extensive use of computer spreadsheet program. So, participants must possess good understanding of the principles of financial decision making, accounting statements and a basic knowledge of statistics. Introductory knowledge on basic Excel operations will enable participants to derive maximum benefit from the seminar.

You are kindly invited to nominate relevant personnel from your esteemed institution at your earliest convenience and not later than 10 March 2009, PLEASE.

Best regards,

Nuri Birtek
Secretary General

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Date : 12 March 2009
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